Monday, December 23, 2013

Day 1: The Introduction

This blogger page will serve as our textbook for the writing portion of your English House program withj Prof. Robert Dickey..

Included here will will be texts, links to webpages, and images.

Our focus in this class will be the paragraph. Great paragraphs are an essential element of successful writing (both in English and Korean!). Depending on our success, we may move on to different types of essays and business written communications.

During the first day of class you will show a bit of your current skills by writing three paragraphs:
  • a brief introduction of yourself
  • a short history of your schooling
  • your winter plans
 A key to successful paragraphs is having a clear idea what you want to write, and starting with a good topic sentence.

Some of the websites we will be working from (we will certainly add to this list during our time together!)

Tips-O-Matic - Paragraphs
Writing.Com - How to write a good paragraph
UIUC - Basic paragraph structure
How to write a paragraph - Ten quick tips to improve your writing
How to write a - How to write a paragraph
Paragraph - How to write a paragraph

If you are working with computers, you might find this grammar checker useful. We will also talk about other tools you probably have on your computer.

You will need a composition book for this class (B5 size, 32 or more pages is best - 16 sheets of paper equals 32 pages). Or you can use a computer and send me an email BEFORE MIDNIGHT the day before each class AND bring the computer to class. Please don't confuse things by using notebook sometimes and computer sometimes. Your final grade depends on your writing submissions. You will write in class, and you will have frequent homework writing assignments.

My email for this class is

If you want to communicate with me, send me a text message or Kakao (I will give that info in class).  I might not check email if you don't also send me a message.

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